A lengthy behind the scenes look at Pirates 4 in new featurette

Stupid TV shows, getting all the exclusive set visits over us hardworking websites. Yes I might not be wearing pants right now, but I put in the hours damnit!

In any case, ET got to go the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES set and poke around a bit. With only a few shots from the film leaking, and almost no video, it’s the most in-depth look at the project yet. It shows a harrowing carriage chase where Jack surfs on top of varying cars, and it shows the series’ new hottie, Penelope Cruz, in action as Angelica.

I know there’s a lot of hate for this movie, but I’m not sure it’s warranted. I can’t exactly fault a studio to try and get a few more films out of a franchise that’s made $2.6 BILLION dollars so far, and it’s not like they replace Depp with Russell Brand or something. I wish Verbinski was still around though. These movies are pretty much mindless fun, and therefore I just can’t be too offended by STRANGER TIDES' existence.

Extra Tidbit: Remember when this was a Disney ride?
Source: ET



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