A limited edition UHF poster signed by Weird Al? Yes please!

Though UHF, the 1989 Weird Al Yankovic movie, made only $6 million at the box office and Roger Ebert said he didn't laugh a single time while watching it, the movie has gone on to enjoy cult classic status via cable, DVD and screenings. Most recently, the legendary Alamo Drafthouse held a sold out screening for the film with Weird Al in attendance and now you can own one of the limited edition posters created to promote the event!

The 18x24 posters will be available today via Mondo Tees who only created 200 prints. A lucky four posters were signed by Weird Al and the film's director, Jay Levey, and will be randomly inserted into orders. So that means there's a 1/25 chance you'll get an autographed copy if you order at the regular price. Not too shabby!

Mondo is releasing the poster today and if you click on the image below you can place your order as soon as it goes live. They're sure to go quick so good luck!

Extra Tidbit: The poster was created by artist Rich Kelly.
Source: Mondo Tees



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