A more specific logline for the upcoming Twilight Zone movie has been revealed

The Twilight Zone - Rod Serling header

Warner Brothers has had an adaptation of Rod Serling's seminal TV show "The Twilight Zone" in the works for some time now, having recently gained (and subsequently lost) director Matt Reeves. And while there is no update yet as to who might be on the docket to direct in place of Reeves, we do now have a better (albeit somewhat unnofficial) idea as to both the plot and structure of the upcoming movie. 

Unlike the last theatrical release bearing the "Twilight Zone", Warner Bros.' film will feature a single story played out over the course of the whole runtime rather than an episodic structure.  And what will that single story be about exactly? It will follow "a test pilot who winds up breaking the speed of light; when he puts down his craft, he discovers that he’s landed a bit late for supper — 96 years late."

His partner's going to be a wee bit pissed about that, I expect.  And dead, so that sorta sucks too.  If this is indeed the plot that Warner Bros. chooses to stick with, I do hope that the number 96 isn't arbitrary and that some "Twilight Zone-y" wierdness is mined from its insertion into multiple elements of the movie. 

But what say you? Do you wish that the movie's structure had been that of an anthology, or are you fine with the idea of following the events of a single story?

Extra Tidbit: Conversely, should Warner Bros. just let this whole thing go at this point?
Source: Vulture



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