A new Infestation

Aw, man, another creature feature? Okay, count me in! Young actor Christopher Marquette (ALPHA DOG, FANBOYS) will be fighting giant alien insects in Icon Prods. INFESTATION, a new horror-comedy that's curiously being described as "28 DAYS LATER meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD", despite an apparent lack of zombies.

Also curious: the flick is being directed by Kyle Rankin, half of the team that won the second season of PROJECT GREENLIGHT (I wonder if they "broke up" after the show). His efforts on that series resulted in THE BATTLE OF SHAKER HEIGHTS, which catapulted Shia LaBeouf to superstardom. Or at least got him on TV for a while.

In the new flick, Marquette will play a lazy office drone who awakens from a cocoon and gathers a handful of fellow survivors to battle the extraterrestrial bug threat. The movie shoots in Bulgaria, which along with Hungary and Romania seems to be the new Euro-Hollywood, just with less cosmetic surgery.
Extra Tidbit: Unlike the guy who is apparently invisible, Marquette appears in this weekend's high school thriller THE INVISIBLE.



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