A new low, errr high, movie ticket prices topping $20

Wow, I swear it seems like yesterday I was paying $6 for a movie ticket, but those days are long past, as a new record has been set as some theaters in New York as charging $20 for an adult ticket for a 3D IMAX showing of SHREK FOREVER AFTER this weekend.

Movie ticket prices are skyrocketing at such a rapid pace, it’s even sparked an article in the Wall Street Journal which details the new high.

"With the state of the economy remaining questionable, we worry pricing is simply moving up too quickly," cautioned Mr. Greenfield in a research blog post, adding that he was especially concerned about how quickly children's ticket prices are increasing. "The danger is scaring consumers away from the movie theaters."

The $20 ticket may prove to be a psychological barrier too steep for some moviegoers to overcome, but the industry appears ready to take the risk, especially in the wake of a string of 3-D blockbusters, from "Avatar" to "Alice in Wonderland." 3-D movies accounted for the vast majority of last year's 10% jump in domestic box-office sales. That figure is likely to climb even higher for 2010.

After ALICE IN WONDERLAND 3D actually made me pay more for a worse movie, I vowed never to pay more for an “upconverted” 3D movie ever again. Unless something is specifically filmed for 3D like AVATAR or works well in 3D like HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, the raised ticket prices are just criminal.

But even for those kinds of movies, I’m not sure I could ever justify spending $20 on ONE ticket. Lord forbid I go on a date, and I’m dropping $60 on two tickets, drinks and popcorn. Sorry babe, no dinner first!

Would you ever pay $20 for a movie? (Though you might not have a choice soon).

Extra Tidbit: Don't tell me the glasses cost money. I can spend $2 and bring my own damn glasses every time.
Source: WSJ



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