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A new Pixar film for 2013...what is it?


Hey, guess what? Disney/Pixar has a new film coming up for us in 2013. Only problem is, no one has any idea what it is or what it's about.

All the studio has said is that the movie will release November 27, 2013. It's not a sequel to anything nor is it an adaptation. After CARS 2 comes out this Friday, we have two more films from the studio on the horizon-- BRAVE which comes out June 22, 2012 and MONSTERS UNIVERSITY which will release June 21, 2013.

Do we have any guesses? Only one.

UP director Pete Docter has been sitting on a project for awhile now. He didn't give any details on it either, only that it could be released in 2013/2014. So that's it. They can't keep it a secret forever though. For now, we just have to speculate.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone going to see CARS 2 this weekend?
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