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A new poster for The Amazing Spider-Man has been spotted in the wild


ASM banner logo

This isn't the first time we've spotted a new poster on/in a bus shelter, and it surely won't be the last. Hopefully a nice, not-on-bus-stop version will be released soon, but until then I suppose we'll just have to make do with this.  At least it finally involves Emma Stone in her role of Gwen Stacey, though I'm not sure why it has taken the marketing team this long to utilize the fact that Emma Stone is 1) beautiful and 2) beloved enough to bring in audience members. 

Count down: twenty days now until the reckoning for this reboot on July 3rd.

Amazing Spider-Man bus stop poster

Extra Tidbit: I still think that the art design makes The Lizard look more like a Barbie doll than anything else. But hopefully seeing/hearing it in action will make all the difference. Or it won't and will just be funny.
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