A new Treasure Island? Yarrr.

The success of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and SHERLOCK HOLMES has prompted others to dig up classic material (preferably in public domain) for irreverent upgrades. Last week it was THE THREE MUSKETEERS, and now it's TREASURE ISLAND.

Robert Louis Stevenson's required reading will soon be sailing the CGI seas, in an attempt to deliver a "hipper" Long John Silver in the style of Downey's Sherlock.

The often-filmed swashbuckling tale (including a Disney sci-fi version and a TV movie with Christian Bale, Christopher Lee and Chuck Heston!) follows young Jim Hawkins as he gets wrapped up in treachery and a quest for gold with the morally ambiguous peglegged captain Long John Silver.

The update comes from Ecosse, the company behind the John Lennon movie NOWHERE BOY, and will reportedly focus more on the interaction between Hawkins and the infamous pirate.

Extra Tidbit: A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel stuck in his crotch. The bartender asks him why it's there. The pirate says, "It's drivin' me nuts." Yarrr.
Source: Variety



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