A new Vacation

Are you ready for another Griswold holiday filled with family fun, embarrassment and death? Then get ready to pack up the truckster and whistle "Zippity Do-Dah" out of your assholes... but with a whole new family, and probably far fewer memorable quotes.

The recently compacted New Line is going on a new VACATION, but will now focus on the grown-up Rusty Griswold taking his own family on a hellish road trip. (But which Rusty variant? Anthony Michael Hall? Ethan Embry? NIGHT OF THE CREEPS geek Jason Lively? "Big Bang Theory" geek Johnny Galecki?)

According to THR, original parents Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo will "have room to make appearances as grandparents, providing a sense of continuity, though no deals are in place." David Dobkin (WEDDING CRASHERS) is producing and possibly directing. The studio is looking for writers with the intention for the pseudo-sequel to be more PLANES TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES than RV or ARE WE THERE YET?, which is mildly comforting.

Given his recent problems with the law, Randy Quaid presumably won't be back as cousin Eddie (although he did already manage to get his own sequel, the deservedly little-seen TV movie "Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure").

Extra Tidbit: "30 Rock" co-star Jane Krakowski played the daddy-Frenching cousin from the first movie.
Source: THR



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