A new YouTube?

While Google/YouTube (GooTube) are fighting off a trillion dollar lawsuit brought on by Viacom, rivals are sensing it's time to attack. A virtual who's who of media companies have come together to try and topple the once mighty YouTube. Fox, NBC/Universal, Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft and MySpace will combine a la Voltron to create an uber-video service that will not only offer users the ability to upload clips but also to watch free (and legal) content from these companies. That means free episodes of "24," "The Simpsons" and "Heroes." It also means films (and clips from films) from Fox and Universal and their respective mini-studios (Searchlight, Focus, Rogue, etc.). As if this MechaGodzilla weren't powerful enough, they're in talks with Sony/Columbia and Warner Bros. to provide film and TV content as well. Hot damn! Considering YouTube is starting to pretty much suck now anyway this could be the death knell sounding for GooTube. I'd certainly appreciate one singular place where I could watch all that content and not have to worry about whether it's gonna be taken down in months. Interesting? Definitely. Now just wait until JoBlo launches JoBlooTube. It'll blow your frikkin' mind.



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