A Rubik's Cube movie, yup, a Rubik's Cube movie

There seems to be some kind of competition going on in Hollywood to make a movie out of the most inane thing imaginable. Recent entries have been a Taylor Lautner STRETCH ARMSTRONG movie and a Pierre Morel helmed OUIJA BOARD adventure. But those seem like the next GODFATHER compared to this new pitch.

Talent agency CAA is shopping around a movie based around the Rubik's Cube. Yes, that puzzle game you could never figure out how to solve and ended up peeling off all the color stickers and rearranging them. Oh, that was just me?

How the hell would this movie work? Rumor has it the film would center around some sort of Rubik's Cube competition, which would be stupid as there are people out there who can solve the thing in under 20 seconds. Not exactly fit for the climax of the movie. OR THE CONCEPT OF A MOVIE.

Seriously, what is WRONG with Hollywood? I know C'mon Hollywood isn't my column, but good lord, how many struggling screenwriters are out there trying to get legitimately good films made and people are lining up to sink money into a RUBIK'S CUBE MOVIE?

Extra Tidbit: You know what else I liked as a kid? Crayons. OMG SOMEONE CALL CRAYOLA AND LET'S GET THIS EPIC TRILOGY ROLLLING!
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