A scarred Joker?

I know I’m not the only one anticipating the first images of Heath Ledger/Christopher Nolan’s version of the Joker in the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT, more than the return of the Messiah (and I’m in love with the Messiah). So it is with glee that I bring you this brief but juicy report from the premiere Batman on film site on the web, brilliantly titled Batman-on-film. The people over at BOF picked up this from a “reliable source”:

* The Joker will have gray skin with scarring.

* The Joker's costume will be raggedy (This may confirm the info BOF got a long while ago saying that his costume will look as if it was something he put together one piece at a time).

* He's going to look damn scary, not clownish.

The same source later updated the site saying this isn’t a description of the final design, but is “indicative of where they’re going.” What do you guys think? Scarring? Does that mean Two Face will have green hair, red lips, and a purple suit? Thanks to dimos for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: I saw Heath Ledger at a local bar here in Montreal and boy is he a crazy dancer, alcohol induced I presume.
Source: Batman on film



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