A sequel to Monsters Inc.? Really?

Is the closet world of Monstropolis experiencing some new problems that even giggle-power can't solve?

If Latino Review's report is on the money, Sully and Mike Wazowski are coming back to handle it in a sequel to Pixar's wonderful MONSTERS, INC.

While no other details are known (including director Pete Docter's involvement), they claim that a follow-up is "a go", and that it could hit as early as 2012.

Whether it should is a different matter. MONSTERS, INC. is my second-favorite CG-animated movie (after THE INCREDIBLES), and while I love the characters and the concept, revisiting them might not give the joyful jolt of the first.

But Pixar obviously isn't averse to sequels, and hey, TOY STORY 2 even improved on the original (although I'm not optimistic about the upcoming sequel to CARS, the only Pixar movie I actively dislike). We'll have to see how this fuzzy rumor plays out.

Extra Tidbit: Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me. SO HELP ME.
Source: Latino Review



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