A slew of images from The Cold Light of Day with Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis

A slew of images have surfaced for the thriller THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY starring Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis, and Sigourney Weaver.  The pic is directed by Mabrouk el Mechri, whose main credit is the Van Damme kinda-sorta comeback flick JCVD

Here's the synopsis: 

After his family is kidnapped during their sailing trip in Spain, a young Wall Street trader is confronted by the people responsible: intelligence agents looking to recover a mysterious briefcase.

With the players involved I feel like I should be more excited for this, but it's not setting anything off for me.  I thought Cavill was great in IMMORTALS and am looking forward to his portrayal as the MAN OF STEEL, but this just feels like an appetizer to a better career for him. 

Willis and Weaver are just cashing checks, so you can't go in expecting some monumental performance by either of them.  Shit, Weaver looks like she walked off the set of ABDUCTION, which is one of the best comedies of 2011. 

THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY opens on September 7, 2012. 

In the meantime, here's the pics:

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, watch Abduction. Get a group of movie buddies together and watch that shit. Bring beer. Enjoy.



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