A special screening of The Social Network for our social network!

By now I'm sure you've heard all the rave reviews for David Fincher's upcoming film THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Many critics have said it'll be the film to beat this year at the Academy Awards and that it's the defining film of our generation and all that jazz. So far we haven't reviewed the film for a simple reason: we want to see the film with our social network (that means YOU!).

This coming Monday, September 27th, we'll be hosting a screening of THE SOCIAL NETWORK in New York City and filling it with our friends, fans and followers from Facebook, Twitter and Movie Fan Central (sorry MySpace). So how can you be among the lucky to join us for this private, early screening?

If you're on Facebook, post a comment under this article's headline on the JoBlo.com fan page. If you're on Twitter, tweet us at @joblocom. And if you're on MFC, leave a comment on my profile wall. In each, it's your job to convince us you're a fan of the site and are, in fact, a part of our social network. I'll pick the attendees (who will be allowed to bring a guest) from each and will get in touch on the when and where of the screening.

Good luck and look forward to seeing the movie with you!

Source: JoBlo.com



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