A Steve Martin thriller?

Guy Pearce and Don Cheadle have signed on to star in the upcoming thriller TRAITOR based on a story by Steve Martin. Yes that Steve Martin. Apparently Martin pitched writer Jeffrey Nachmanoff the concept on the set of BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE. Understandably Nachmanoff thought Martin was joking and blew him off. It took another meeting to convince the writer that Martin was actually being serious. They took the idea to Disney where it lived for a short while before being put in turnaround. Now Nachmanoff will direct from his own script. The film follows a CIA agent (Cheadle) working undercover who becomes a terrorist suspect. Pearce will play the FBI agent investigating the agent. While Martin may get story or exec. producing credit, he probably won't have more involvement on the film than that. Filming on TRAITOR is set to begin this September in Toronto. To get you back to your Steve Martin comfort zone, I present to you another classic.

Extra Tidbit: How was THE JERK only #99 on AFI's funniest 100 movies list?!
Source: Variety



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