A taste of Trance

Somehow this one slid by us during the holiday season -- odd, considering it involves our own beautiful bastard John "Arrow" Fallon!

In case you forgot webmaster/filmmaker Arrow's script TRANCE recently got snapped up for production, and was already shot by LOST BOYS 2 writer Hans Rodionoff. What's it about? Hans himself describes it to STYD: "The general premise is these eight kids go to a rave, they take drugs and the drugs have no discernible effect on the male population. It turns the females into raving psychotics who then turn on their boyfriends and start tearing them apart."

FACE/OFF teen Dominique Swain plays what is described as "the film's Freddy Kruger", while Jessica Heap, Jeremy London and Brea Grant (that's her all bloody) provide flesh for the flaying. Rodionoff says he's taking cues from buddy Guillermo del Toro (who's also helping out with a potential adaptation of his comic MNEMOVORE), and is also holding the camera himself: "I had just watched CRANK and decided I wanted to shoot the whole movie on rollerblades with a Steadicam rig." Read the details RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: Rodionoff also wrote the direct-to-vid horror flicks MAN-THING and THE HOLLOW.
Source: STYD



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