A-Team casting?

John Singleton's movie update of 80s TV do-gooders for hire THE A-TEAM is due in theaters next summer, and casting names are currently being kicked around.

First up, Latino Review says that none other than Bruce Willis is being pursued for the part of cigar-chomping leader Hannibal Smith, played to perfection by the late George Peppard on the series. It remains to be seen if Bruno will love it for this plan to come together (with a significant paycheck, for sure).

Meanwhile, CHUD chatted with Tyrese Gibson on the set of the supernatural thriller LEGION, and although the papers aren't quite signed, he sure talks like he's a lock for the team's scowling badass B.A. Baracus. Previous rumors had Ice Cube stepping into Mr. T's famous role, but Tyrese wouldn't be a surprise, having already worked with Singleton on three other movies.

The script is still being reworked, but expect some kind of announcements fairly soon if Fox plans to get the film in shape for its already-slotted June 2009 release date.
Extra Tidbit: Should the new movie include the irritating reporter chick and the ponytailed special-effects guy nobody really remembers?
Source: Latino ReviewCHUD



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