A-Team getting cast?

Is casting on the big-screen adaptation of THE A-TEAM heating up? It would certainly look that way as IESB caught up with Bradley Cooper at the HANGOVER junket and cornered him on the rumors that he'd be starring in the film for Joe Carnahan. When asked Cooper laughed and said, ""That's out already!?," adding, "Yeah...its Joe Carnahan's. It's very interesting. It'll be cool..." Without confirming a starring role that seems pretty clear that he's at least in talks to star in the film.

Cooper would star as Lt. Templeton Peck, referred to most commonly as "Face," the conman of the team. He's also been mentioned as a possible candidate to star in GREEN LANTERN and if A-TEAM is working out for him, I'd guess that LANTERN would probably be a no-go. Rapper/actor Common has frequently been attached to the role of B.A. Baracus (as played initially by Mr. T) and Mel Gibson was once rumored to be starring as Murdock but that ship has likely (and unfortunately) sailed. Joe Carnahan is directing the film based on a script he rewrote for Fox (the original draft was written by WOLVERINE rewriter Skip Woods).

Extra Tidbit: Face was actually played by a different actor in the "A-Team" pilot before being replaced by Dirk Benedict.
Source: IESB



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