A-Team set peek

I pity the fool that doesn't watch this shit!

Yeah, that was awful...sorry. We do have a first look from Entertainment Tonight on the A-TEAM set. The video shows us each of the characters, all except for Liam Neeson as Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith.

Oh, and I must have been super oblivious to the fact that District 9 star Sharlto Copley was playing Capt. 'Howling Mad' Murdock. I really enjoyed his performance in D9, plus he's a super nice guy. There was a little skepticism on my part when it came to the casting of Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson (I don't watch UFC). After seeing this, I have no doubt that he will be an awesome Baracus.

This movie could definitely be fun. When I heard Neeson was in it, it sold me. Neeson is on my top 10 kick ass list. So enjoy the video and Bradley Cooper talking about eating veggies.

So, I hear you guys like the Biel action...

Extra Tidbit: I want this. I find it height appropriate.



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