A trailer for Wes Anderson's God of War

So you want a God of War movie huh? Well, one will get made eventually, but it’s a matter of who’s capable enough to take the helm for such a project. Currently, it’s unfortunately in the hands of Brett Ratner, but what if it escaped his clutches and say…Wes Anderson got ahold of it?

This trailer from GamerVision shows us that vision. It’s God of War as an indie movie, and it’s far more hilarious and well-made than I anticipated, I have to say. Here’s the official synopsis:

Gamervision's follow-up to the critically acclaimed Inglourious Plummers and the cult hit Maniac Mansion is a unique romantic black comedy in the proud tradition of Rushmore and Gigantic. Josh Henderson stars as Kratos, an orphan teen who just transfered to Spartan Academy. There he meets Athena (Zane Bauer), an alluring rebel with parental issues herself. The two hit it off almost immediately, and find they share much more in common than they originally thought when Kratos is introduced to Athena's father Zeus (Michael Sadorf), the same father who abandoned Kratos at an early age. Determined to reconnect with his son after more than a decade of absence, Zeus forbids Kratos from seeing Athena, yet the star-crossed lovers find themselves inexplicably attracted to one another, despite the newfound revelation of their relation.

Check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: "These are my Blades of Chaos." "They're tennis rackets." "I know."
Source: Gamervision



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