A Transforming DVD

Transformers There's no better way to sell a TRANSFORMERS DVD than with an actual transforming DVD, right? Schmoe Zac, as if drawn by a mysterious energon force, decided to pay a visit to Target, deviating from his usual DVD buying source of Best Buy, and found that they were selling their TRANSFORMERS DVD's packaged as a transforming Optimus Prime.

It's not the most brilliant marketing idea in the world but it is pretty damn cool and a nifty little collector's item. This thing does do a full transformation from the right-pictured square DVD box to a fully formed Optimus Prime. Zac was cool enough to provide a bunch of pictures of it, which you can all peruse over at his site HERE.

In related TRANSFORMERS DVD marketing news, starting today, an 18-foot tall, 8,200 pound Bumblebee will be hovering menacingly over the courtyard of the West Hollywood Gateway shopping center on the corner of La Brea and Santa Monica Blvd in LA. This Giant Fucking Robot will only be there until Sunday, October 21st, though, so be sure to get a picture early and, if you're feeling generous, send it to us so we can all have a look-see.

Extra Tidbit: In the film, the Bee hanging in Bumblebee's front window apparently says "Bee Otch". Anybody catch that?
Source: Films Z-CParamount



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