A whole bunch of humans for the new Muppet movie, from Paul Rudd to Lady Gaga

Something tells me it's going to end up being easier to list famous people who won't be showing up in the new Muppet movie, considering all the friends of star/co-writer Jason Segel (FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL) and the nearly universal fondness for Henson's fabric beings.

The latest group of non-felt personalities that will reportedly join THE MUPPETS (apparently truncated from working title THE GREATEST MUPPET MOVIE EVER MADE) includes Jane Lynch, Jack Black, John Krasinski, Ed Helms, Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family"), Donald Glover ("Community"), Lady Gaga, and of course, Danny Trejo.

Segel chum Paul Rudd will be voicing new Muppet Walter, pictured above holding the phone photo of himself.

The crew of fleshy bipeds joins Rashida Jones, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper and the previously mentioned Zach Galifianakis, who will play someone named "Hobo Jo".

The Disney movie, due on Christmas Day 2011, is directed by "Flight of the Conchords" James Bobin (with input from Pixar's finest), and finds the expansive cast of Muppets gathering for a final big show to save their studio.

Extra Tidbit: Word is that the movie may close with a montage of the Muppets and actors singing "Mahna Mahna". Doo doo, da-doodoo.



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