Aaron Johnson and Anton Yelchin now on the list to possibly play Spider-Man

Looks like we are going through another CAPTAIN AMERICA casting scenario...

When they were trying to cast Cap, we kept getting news of a shortlist, then a shorter list, then a long shortlist. It was a cluster cuss.

Now the same thing is happening with the casting for the new SPIDER-MAN in the reboot. Add these two names to the new and improved list: Anton Yelchin and Aaron Johnson.

A few day ago, there was a loud buzz that Jamie Bell had already nabbed the role. Previous to that scoop, Heat Vision was reporting that Josh Hutcherson's name was being thrown in there as well. Logan Lerman is also on and off the list, given the day.

So, who is it going to be? Reboot director Marc Webb has been canvassing many young actors to find "the one". It's being said that screen testing will start very soon.

Personally, I welcome the addition of Johnson and Yelchin to the list of possibilities. Yelchin has got the boyish charm that Peter Parker holds, but can he pull of the superhero side? Then when it comes to Johnson, will people see him as anything else after KICK-ASS? Would you take either of these guys as your new Spider-Man?

Extra Tidbit: What? No Donald Glover for SPIDER-MAN? Where's the love?
Source: LA Times



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