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Aaron Johnson and Mia Wasikowska sign up for Albert Knobbs


After starring in KICK-ASS and ALICE IN WONDERLAND respectively, Aaron Johnson and Mia Wasikowska have been hot properties, linked to ton of projects since those films came out. But now one movie has landed them both.

That would be Glen Close's period piece ALBERT NOBBS, the story of a woman who dressed like a man in 19th century Ireland in order to survive. How wacky!

Johnson is stepping in for Orlando Bloom, who I can't remember seeing onscreen in like the last five years, and Wasikowska (my new least favorite name to spell) is subbing for Amanda Seyfried, who is a very busy girl these days.

The film also stars Close and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who will bring a cold stare of intensity to the proceedings. No word on a start date, but with a cast assembled it should be soon. 

Extra Tidbit: If I could have any accent, it would be Irish.
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