Abbey Lee in talks to play someone in The Dark Tower

Who knows what's going to happen with THE DARK TOWER? There have been talks for a number of years now about the ambitious plan to bring THE DARK TOWER to both movie and television screens, and for each step forward that is taken, two steps seem to be taken back. People are proceeding as if this massive vision is going to be a reality one day, so I guess we'll look at that hopefully... And that includes casting.

Abbey Lee - featured in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - is currently in talks to join THE DARK TOWER in a role being described as nothing more than "the female lead." Now who that means, going back to Stephen King's books is any fan's guess, as what I've heard of one of Akiva Goldman's earlier drafts for the project is that it's sort of all over the place as it pertains to adapting the source material. Your speculation is as good as anyone's at this point.

But what does look to be coming together is Abbey Lee will be a part of this one way or the other. I just couldn't tell you with any real degree of certainly how.

Source: The Wrap



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