ABC developing The Incredible Hulk for primetime TV, plus news on other potential small screen Marvel adaptations

Thanks to the hook-up between Marvel and Disney that occurred last year, it's now looking like the small screen will become the likely home for everyone's favorite angry green giant.

Today, Deadline is reporting that Disney-owned ABC is in the early stages of developing a live-action "Hulk" series for primetime television. There's no creative talent attached yet, though apparently a search for a writer is currently underway.

This all comes as part of a major push by ABC that began back in June with the launch of Marvel Television, the division tasked with adapting Marvel characters and stories to the small screen. THR's Heat Vision adds that along with the Hulk series, "Cloak and Dagger" is another property that's being concurrently developed by Marvel TV to possibly air on ABC Family.

Here's a list presented to ABC executives by Marvel back in May as television potentials:

- Heroes for Hire (focusing on ex-con Luke Cage offering to take on bad guys for a price)

- The Eternals (a race of superpowered beings live amid humanity in secret, inspiring legends)

- Agents of Atlas, Alter Ego (private investigator Jessica Jones takes on cases involving superhumans)

- Moon Knight, the Red Hood (a low-rent criminal discovers a cloak that gives him superpowers)

- Ka-Zar (a Tarzan-type and his saber-toothed tiger must journey to the concrete jungle to seek justice)

- Daughters of the Dragon (a dynamic female duo, one with a bionic arm and the other a granddaughter of a samurai, open a private-detective agency)

- The Punisher (one man wages a war on crime; already adapted as two feature films).

Interestingly, Heat Vision is also saying that "The Punisher" has been picked to be turned into a possible "cable play" sometime in the future.

Just for fun, here's the opening to the 1970s Hulk television series:
Extra Tidbit: Which of these (or others not mentioned) do you feel would be good for the small screen?



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