Abrams Moves Earth

I never did see J.J. Abrams' CLOVERFIELD due to my paralyzing fear of spiders. Anything with eight legs or more scares the piss off my underwear and apparently that movie was chock full of monstrous creatures of the sort. But from what I heard, the movie kinda kicked ass and its a shame I'll never be able to check it out.

I rejoice then, at the news that Abrams once more will dip his finger in the disaster film pool, with a planned movie featuring an earthquake for Universal, on which he will act as producer. Teaming with THE OMEN scribe David Seltzer, the uber-producer is keeping plot details tightly under wraps (as per usual). We do know however, that Abrams places a great deal of importance on character development and the exploration of human relationships (Lost, anyone?) so it is likely that the earthquake will serve only as a backdrop to a sure-to-be profound lesson on life, love, and probably loss. Sounds good to me! Just please J.J., no arachnids this time, ok?
Extra Tidbit: It has been reported that Abrams will direct a "dark, children's film" entitled MYSTERY ON FIFTH AVENUE



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