Abrams on Dark Tower?

JJ Abrams and his "Lost" buddies (namely co-creator Damon Lindelof) have never made a secret of their love for Stephen King. They said when "Lost" debuted that King's "The Stand" was a big influence. Later they participated in a roundtable interview with King for Entertainment Weekly and Lindelof even brought a copy of "The Gunslinger" for King to sign. So it should come as no surprise that King and Abrams are in talks to adapt THE DARK TOWER. It's unclear if the project is headed towards the big-screen or small as it hasn't ended up at either Paramount or Warner Bros. TV where Abrams has his production deals. It's still in the early talking stages but the project could be designed as either a TV mini-series, a season long TV series or a trilogy of movies. Abrams involvement in the adaptation is also unclear. He doesn't seem to be committed to direct STAR TREK XI but hasn't announced his next directorial project either. Adaptations of King's works for TV haven't had the best results so I'm hoping with the involvement of Abrams, they can deliver not just a faithful but entertaining DARK TOWER.

Extra Tidbit: King and Marvel Comics just released a prequel comic book titled "Gunslinger Born."



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