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Abrams' secret house

JJ Abrams seems to love a good mystery, whether it's the artifact-seeking clandestine agencies of ALIAS, the winding mythology of LOST, the point of M:I3, the real story behind his impending STAR TREK reboot, or just dicking people around with viral sites for a monster movie.

Or even a crazy apartment. Abrams is developing a new Paramount movie based on the NY Times recent article "Mystery on Fifth Avenue" (read it HERE), about that wild New York home filled with bizarre clues and contraptions left by previous owners. The mindboggling puzzle-pad reportedly came equipped with its own merchandising tie-ins (book, soundtrack, etc.).

Hopefully, Abrams will use the opportunity to expound on the original article by adding CUBE-style death devices to the story. Or maybe it turns out the new residents are actually in purgatory! Click below to check out pics of the intriguing home.


Extra Tidbit: Abrams worked as a California home inspector, but the biggest mysteries he ever found were spores, molds and fungus. And a donkey wheel that made the house disappear.
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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