Abrams' secret site

That wild and cryptic trailer that showed before most screenings of TRANSFORMERS generated almost as much buzz as Bay's big 'bots.

The highly clandestine movie (operating under the mystifying working title CLOVERFIELD) will apparently tell a ground-level perspective of citizens in New York as it comes under attack by some sort of giant statue-chucking monster and architecture critic.

The flick has already launched a teaser site, the film's release date 1-18-08.com, although there's nothing there at present besides a candid photo of possible future victims. I suppose we can expect the now-omnipresent "viral marketing" to commence at any time.

What has me most excited -- besides the premise of some gigantic creature crushing the Big Apple -- is that the inscrutable project comes from JJ Abrams (who's producing) and his Bad Robot crew and chums, including Drew Goddard, a writer for ANGEL, LOST and ALIAS (some of my favorite television in the past decade).

Thanks to 'chase whale' for being the first to let us know!
Extra Tidbit: Given the lack of information about the project, I'm just looking for random monster pics on Google for articles.
Source: JoBlo



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