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Abrams talks Trek time


If you were expecting JJ Abrams' STAR TREK to be an endlessly epic experience, make plans for after the flick.

The director believes you actually can get too much of a good thing -- he fully intended to keep the film contained around the two-hour mark. “I’m sick of these two hours and forty-five minute movies," he tells MTV (obviously referring to lengthy summer fare like THE DARK KNIGHT). "Seriously, it’s like I don’t have enough time to stay two hours and forty-five minutes. I’m exhausted just saying that twice. I can’t stand it.

It seems ironic that the guy who stretched convoluted subplots and obfuscation across several seasons of TV's "ALIAS" (not to mention his complicity in the frustrations of "LOST") is someone without significant patience for entertainment, or maybe he just learned something about brevity from working on the hit-em-and-run horror flick CLOVERFIELD.

Extra Tidbit: Abrams discusses the furor about the (non) participation of Shatner right here, which could conceivably be yet more misdirection.
Source: MTV



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