Abrams, Trek, Wha??

It's been a while since we had a good, old fashioned fansite imbroglio (remember the days of AICN and Coming Attractions going at each other?), but here we are. This time it's Latino Review vs. AICN, though I'm sure both sides would say they're not involved in any fight with the other. True, but we do have an interesting pissing contest centered around JJ Abrams and STAR TREK XI. The crux of the argument is Latino says Abrams is off TREK, AICN counters by saying, "Uh, no he's not." LR says, "Uh, yeah HE IS." AICN gets JJ Abrams on the e-mail who says, "Uh, no I'M NOT." Both sides seem extremely confident and neither one is willing to budge. Luckily the disagreement hasn't devolved into any kind of name-calling that these things have disintegrated into in the past. Latino is currently reporting that Abrams left TREK to film a movie titled CLOVERFIELD for Paramount. AICN speculates CLOVERFIELD is a code name for TREK. Eventually we're going to find out the truth and to the victor goes the spoils. Who will it be? What do you think? Is Abrams telling the truth to AICN? Is Latino right on the money? Debate below.

Extra Tidbit: Abrams-created series "Lost" finally returns tonight (2/7) with new episodes after a lengthy hiatus.



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