Absolute Watchmen

WATCHMEN A few months ago, we told you about the three dvd's Warner Bros. is planning on releasing for their upcoming WATCHMEN, the Zack Snyder directed feature adaptation of the iconic Alan Moore graphic novel of the same name. We mentioned that the film itself would be the first, an animated version of the comic within the story, TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER, would be the second and the third would be a combination of the two. The folks at io9 recently learned from "Watchmen" comic animator Dave Gibbons, however, that this last dvd is an Absolute Edition in which the animated film isn't just packaged with the main film but will play alongside the main film as in the graphic novel, taking the film's runtime to more than 3 hours, LORD OF THE RINGS director's cut style. That's hella long but it should play out pretty great.

Extra Tidbit: If this is a phenomenal success (which is likely), you think they'd dare even consider a sequel? They're doing it for 300.
Source: io9



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