Ackles is Bloody

Actor Jensen Ackles must've been bummed that his TV brother went off to do a horror remake, so he decided to follow in his footsteps.

While SUPERNATURAL's Winchester brother Jared Padalecki is being hounded by hockey-masked hacker Jason Voorhees in the FRIDAY THE 13th reboot, Ackles will be dealing with a maniacal miner in Lionsgate's update of MY BLOODY VALENTINE. After putting away so many monsters of lore, a couple of slashers should be a breeze.

Ackles plays a guy who returns to his hometown a decade after the local Valentine's Day slaughter, only to find he's both a murder suspect and still lusting for an old girlfriend (which, since she's Jamie King, is perfectly acceptable).

The underappreciated 1981 original was perhaps best known for its gas-masked killer and abundance of Moosehead beer. WHITE NOISE: THE LIGHT director Patrick Lussier, who also recently massaged THE EYE remake into shape, is behind the camera for the 3-D remake to ensure that various virtual hooks, pickaxes, body parts and arterial spray come hurling from the screen at audiences.
Extra Tidbit: The home video release of the original is notorious for its edited gore (around 9 minutes of footage were reportedly excised). An uncut version has never been released on home video.



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