Actor Frank Grillo spills about Joe Carnahan's Death Wish remake

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The Matthew Aaron Show, hosted by comedian and writer Matthew Aaron, is a Los Angeles based Entertainment & Comedy Internet Radio show that, amongst other things, interviews a different celebrity guest every single week.  Recently they hosted one such interview with Frank Grillo (THE GREY, WARRIOR), and amongst all of his industry insights and personal stories the man found time to excitedly divulge everything he knows about Joe Carnahan's upcoming remake of the DEATH WISH.

~ When producer Jules Daly (THE GREY, the DEATH WISH remake) first talked to Joe Carnahan about DEATH WISH, he told him to use his "Carnahan magic to turn it into the next generation Death Wish."

~ "[Carnahan] is imagining it as a two-hander, it's not just Bronson, it's two brothers."

~ Carnahan originally had Russel Crowe in mind for Bronson's role of Paul Kersey, with Grillo to play the brother.

~ "[Being hand picked by Carnahan to play this role is] like to the top of Everest, it's like wow! This guy saw something in me to hire me for The Grey and now he's willing to write me a role in this, I pinched myself."

Liam Neeson with Frank Grillo

~ When asked by host Matthew Aaron if the movie will be more like the book, which is what Sydney Lumet and Jack Lemon were trying to do with it at first where the plot was about vigilantism not being a good and glorified thing, Grillo explained "it's certainly not going to do what the Charles Bronson movies did, they were fun but when you go back and watch them they don't really hold up very well, they were a product of their time.  [Carnahan] wants to do something far more interesting, like what Lumet had in mind for the film."

~ On the topic of Liam Neeson being involved: "I think Joe would be lucky, Martin Scorsese doesn't shy away from Leonardo DiCaprio, if you find a formula that works you stick with it as long as you can.  I know Liam loves Joe Carnahan, at one point he wanted to see if Joe was available to do Taken 2, he just loves working with Carnahan, I wouldn't rule it out."

Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson

In the full interview, which can be found at www.thematthewaaronshow.com or for free on iTunes, you can hear Grillo talk all about how he got his start in the business, why his film WARRIOR didn’t do so well at the box office, his role in the upcoming period crime flick THE GANGSTER SQUAD and a whole lot much more.

Extra Tidbit: So how are you feeling about DEATH WISH after all that has been said in these last few days about the project?



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