Adam & Eve romcom

Adam & Eve The story of Adam & Eve is so prevalent, it's shocking that a romantic comedy featuring them hasn't been made. Disney, it seems, is intent on changing that. You see, a pre-PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Disney wouldn't think a romcom featuring mankind's Biblical mom and dad would make a profit but post-PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, their eyes are open, to put it exceedingly tritely, to a whole new world. After all, if they can make a cool billion off a goddamn theme park ride, they can surely squeeze out at least half a bil from a Biblical story. As such, they've plopped down six figures for Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons spec script, ALL ABOUT ADAM. The story follows the Biblical Adam "as he trails Eve to modern-day Gotham after they have a lover's quarrel." It's at this point that he discovers that rascal Lucifer is trying to break them up. Hijinks and hilarity naturally ensue. If the romantic comedy angle doesn't work, Disney intends to hire Jerry Bruckheimer to blow shit up on a grand, epic scale and water things down to the kind of easily digestible, blockbuster entertainment that makes millions upon millions of dollars.

Extra Tidbit: The title is, of course, sullying the name of the 1950 Anne Baxter starring drama ALL ABOUT EVE.
Source: Variety



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