Adam Sandler and crew are falling all over this poster for Grown Ups 2

Is it fair to say that in the onslaught of comedies that Adam Sandler has recently brought us that GROWN UPS was probably the funniest? When I say funniest I mean, it gave you a couple of chuckles instead of making you slap your own forehead in disgust. Disgust is also a strong word. Disappointment? Embarrassment?

I like Adam Sandler. I guess that this point he's just doing whatever the f*ck he wants. People will still see the movies he puts out no matter how much they think they look like garbage. Makes me think of that episode of South Park when Cartman dressed as Awesome-O, and the movie studio paid him money for all of his ideas. The majority of them involved Adam Sandler. Is that how it is now? Regular movie, Adam Sandler movie, regular movie, Adam Sandler movie; like there's one being put out every other month.

Here's the first poster for Sandler's GROWN UPS 2. They basically removed the waterpark from the last poster and just slapped the title to the movie in its place. The plot is said to involve Sandler and crew going against a group of frat boys.

Check out the poster below.

Source: IMP Awards



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