Adam Sandler collaborator Tim Herlihy to pen feature version of popular internet short film Pixels

Earlier this year, we reported that Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company had acquired the rights to turn writer-director Patrick Jean's popular internet shot PIXELS into a feature-length film.

Now, THR's Heat Vision is reporting that longtime Sandler collaborator Tim Herlihy ("Saturday Night Live", BILLY MADISON, HAPPY GILMORE, THE WEDDING SINGER, BIG DADDY, the upcoming JUST GO WITH IT, etc.) has been brought on to write the film's screenplay.

Other than that, not much new information on the project has been revealed. Last we heard, the hope was to make the film into "a GHOSTBUSTERS-style action comedy in which characters come out of a video game to wreak havoc in the real world." I guess the question is, will this shape up to be another Sandler-starring vehicle?

And in case you missed the short or just wanna see it again...

Extra Tidbit: Man, if you've got an ambitious short film project, MAKE IT. You just never know...



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