Adam Sandler sweeps every category for the Razzies!

I'd say this is surprising, but it's really not.  Adam Sandler has swept the annual Razzies awards, which (dis)honors the worst in cinema for the previous year.  Sandler's JACK AND JILL took the taco, losing winning all 10 categories, including worst actor AND actress for Sandler.

Sandler didn't suffer alone, though, as he brought down his supporting cast as well, with David Spade, Katie Holmes, and Al Pacino all receiving awards for being an accesory to the crime known as JACK AND JILL.

The creative crew behind the film weren't shunned either, with director Dennis Dugan and the screenwriters all taking home reminders that you can make lots of money and have your name on the big screen, but still be loathed. 

Here's the full list.

No movie has ever swept the 32-year-old Razzies before.  While it's a monumental moment for them, this has to be a sad day for Sandler.  I realize that he swims in a pool of money, but man, this has to be a career reevaluation point for the comedian.  I've never hated the guy and he has a few good movies out there, but there's no denying he's sunk to the bottom of the barrell with the shit he's churned out the last ten years.

"Adam Sandler has a pretty much basic attitude of, `No matter how dumb I make it, my fans are going to pay to see it,'" said John Wilson, founder of The Razzies. "I guess it's more about the complete lack of any genuine effort or concern or pride. An attitude of this is good enough, but when you consider what they're charging for movie tickets today, it wasn't good enough."

Is this a wake up call for Sandler or a brush off the shoulder?

Extra Tidbit: The ultimate team-up at this point would be for Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy to do a movie together and play every. single. role. It would be a train wreck of epic proportions.



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