Adam Sandler wants to make the short film Pixels into a long film

For the past couple of months, innovative short films with quality FX but minuscule price tags have been the rage in Hollywood, opening doors for a few amateur filmmakers.

For example, you may recall one recent popular viral titled PIXELS, which features classic 8-bit videogame characters and objects attacking New York. A nifty concept and a perfectly acceptable way to kill a few minutes online, but is it enough of a premise to sustain a feature film?

Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison production company seem to think so, since they've teamed with the short's French creator Patrick Jean to develop it into a full-length movie. The plan is apparently to turn it into "a GHOSTBUSTERS-style action comedy in which characters come out of a video game to wreak havoc in the real world."

You can check out the original short below.

Extra Tidbit: Would this interest you if stretched out to 90 minutes? Or would you rather just play some retro games on your phone or DS?
Source: Heat Vision



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