Adrien Brody not camera shy in first Experiment poster

There’s a brand new poster out for THE EXPERIMENT, the Adrian Brody/Forest Whitaker remake of DAS EXPERIMENT, the 2001 German film based on the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment where a group of young men were divided into prisoners and guards to see what effect the roles would have on them.

Well, in only a few days, the experiment was out of control, with the guards being sadistic and the prisoners rioting and going on hunger strikes. I didn’t care for DAS EXPERIMENT because it took what’s actually a really interesting true story, and decided it wasn’t cool enough, cranking the dial to eleven and introducing torture, rape and murder to the mix. More exciting I guess, but it felt a bit cheap.

I have no idea when this film is coming out, as I’ve been hearing about it forever and I’m pretty certain it’s been done filming for a while now. Check out the poster below (via Bloody Disgusting), and scan it for secret clues about a release date.

Extra Tidbit: I’ve got to give props to Adrian Brody these days. He could have faded into obscurity, but is busting his ass to get some grittier roles in movies like this and PREDATORS.



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