Affleck directs more

Ben Affleck seems a skilled juggler -- besides his family life and occasional acting work, he's lining up more directing jobs to follow his excellent feature debut, GONE BABY GONE.

Affleck is going to his old home Miramax (no longer under Weinstein control) for a historical drama called ARIZONA. He'll keep that considerable jaw behind the camera for the story, about a reporter killed in 1976 while investigating organized crime ties to state government. His fellow journalists completed the investigation after his death.

Affleck is also planning to write, direct and star in the Beantown crime tale PRINCE OF THIEVES, and will show up on screen in Mike Judge's EXTRACT, the political drama-thriller STATE OF PLAY and the romcom HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Hopefully he also finds time to spend with his lovely wife, because someone should. Not that I'm volunteering, but... okay, fine, I am.

Extra Tidbit: After his informed appearances on Bill Maher's show, I half-expected Affleck to start pursuing a political career.
Source: Variety



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