Affleck gets Judge'd

afflarnerAfter his impressive directing debut on GONE BABY GONE, I hope Ben Affleck doesn't stay away from calling the shots himself. Although it's good to see him getting back in front of the camera, as long as it doesn't involve red leather or the holidays.

Affleck will join Mike Judge's new comedy EXTRACT, playing a sleazy lawyer. The movie stars Affleck's SMOKIN' ACES scene thief Jason Bateman as the hapless owner of a flower extract factory, dealing with a cheating wife and disgruntled employees.

Clifton Collins Jr. will play a disabled factory worker (as if playing a wheelchair-bound FBI trainee in MINDHUNTERS wasn't sufficient humiliation), while supercutie Mila Kunis and SNLer Kristen Wiig play chicks of differing hotness.

The movie is with Affleck's old home Miramax, rather than the seemingly Judge-hating Fox (who sort of released his OFFICE SPACE and IDIOCRACY).

Extra Tidbit: In the upcoming drama (and remake of UK miniseries) STATE OF PLAY, Affleck stepped in for Ed Norton and Russell Crowe replaced Brad Pitt.
Source: Variety



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