Affleck goes to Town

Ben Affleck's letting the mane go crazy for Mike Judge's new comedy, but he'll be trimming those locks (one assumes) and settling into the director's chair again to follow up his GONE BABY GONE mini-triumph.

In addition to directing, Affleck will write and star in THE TOWN, an adaptation of Chuck Hogan's book "THE PRINCE OF THIEVES". The story brings Ben back home to Beantown -- the story is set in a Boston 'burb and involves a professional thief who falls for the manager of a bank.

Affleck is reworking the script after director Adrian Lyne departed the project (holy shit, where's he been since JACOB'S LADDER?). In addition to Judge's laffer EXTRACT, Affleck will be seen in the political drama-thriller STATE OF PLAY, after stepping in for Ed Norton. The guy sure does find some quality sloppy seconds.

Extra Tidbit: One photo of Affleck is the daily JoBlo limit, so instead here's his lovely wife Jennifer Garner, who consistently kept me watching "ALIAS" through five increasingly convoluted seasons.
Source: Variety



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