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Affleck in Daredevil pic!


Well it's not quite a shot of Ben in the red tights but an exciting pic nonetheless.   Those crafty photographers at People Magazine were scoping out the set of DAREDEVIL in Los Angeles and snapped a shot of Affleck and Jon Favreau in scene as Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson who look like they're leaving a courthouse.  Check out the shot below and I've included the original caption as it appeared on People.com.

Ben Affleck and Jon Favreau film a scene in Los Angeles from the film DAREDEVIL, a movie in which he plays a crime-fighting superhero who gains his powers after he's blinded by radioactive waste which enhanced his remaining senses. (Tom Vickers/Splash)

It's hard to tell how red they've made his hair from this angle but it doesn't appear to be much.  I wonder if Favs is wearing some padding under that suit to make him appear a little chubbier.  Now comes the much harder task of getting a shot of Ben in action or any of the rest of the cast in character...

Source: People Magazine
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