Affleck in Play for Norton

FYI: they have installed a revolving door on the political thriller STATE OF PLAY. There goes Brad Pitt! But wait -- here comes Russell Crowe, whew! Uh-oh, now Ed Norton is making an exit! No sweat, here comes... Ben Affleck?

Sure, why not? The guy is on a roll, can turn in solid performances when he connects with his material, and has clearly matured as a talent (in front of and behind the camera). The tumultuous project will find the Great Beantown Jaw stepping in for Norton as a high-profile congressman suspected of murdering his mistress. Crowe is the journalist investigating the events, leading to duplicity and various other entanglements.

The Universal project is directed by Kevin McDonald (THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND) adapting a British miniseries, and has (for the moment) an impressive supporting cast that includes Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright-Penn and Helen Mirren (playing Bill Nighy's original role).
Extra Tidbit: Unlike Pitt's departure, Norton's is said to be amicable -- his schedule wouldn't allow for the production shift because he's playing twins in the comedy LEAVES OF GRASS.
Source: Variety



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