Affleck joins Fincher?

Here's something I just don't get: Paramount has a David Fincher crime thriller ready to go and are dangerously close to letting the option expire next month. Fincher has set up NESS, a script based on the Brian Michael Bendis graphic novel "Torso," with Matt Damon to star but can't get the studio to commit. He's also gotten Casey Affleck and Rachel McAdams to star in the film but that's still not enough. And why is Paramount hesistating? Jeff Wells adds that a source close to Fincher told him that the studio would rather him direct CHEF a comedy starring Keanu Reeves. What?! I've been confused by this CHEF movie since it leaked because a light-hearted Keanu Reeves comedy seems so out of the Fincher norm that I can hardly believe it. Is this still hesitation because ZODIAC disappointed at the box-office? I get that line of thinking but reconsider that it's one of the great police procedural thrillers of all time. Any director can make a halfway decent Keanu Reeves comedy about chefs. Very, very few directors can make a crime thriller like Fincher. There's still about 10 days to make a decision before the option on NESS lapses so how about we get this sucker greenlit?

Extra Tidbit: Dismembered body parts have started washing up in a concentrated area of Lake Erie Sound. Their headless torsos have left no clues to their identity or the reason for death...
Source: EW



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