After a $50 million opening, is a Jackass 4 on the way?

Despite the fact that no one in the JACKASS crew would come out and admit it, I just assumed that JACKASS 3D would be the last. Notice how much time it takes each of them to get psyched up and prepped for some of the gags in this film. They're not kids anymore (or in Steve-O's case, completely shitfaced) and there's plenty of pause before going through with some of the stunts. Yet when ANY film opens to $50 million, there's always going to be talk about the next film. So begins the talk of JACKASS 4.

JACKASS 3D set a record for the highest grossing October film OF ALL TIME and now it appears that a fourth film could be on the way. While no one from Paramount or Dickhouse Productions (the production company Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze and Jeff Tremaine set up for the franchise) would comment, it seems very likely that a fourth film is in the works. What probably won't happen is the long wait in between installments.

There were four years in between JACKASS NUMBER TWO and 3D and I'm sure Paramount would like to have one sooner than that. What is very likely is that instead of actually filming a new segment, Tremaine will take the extra footage that didn't make it into JACKASS 3D and release it as a fourth film. The studio did this with JACKASS 2.5 and released it on DVD but seeing the opportunity for a big cash windfall, there are reports that Paramount may turn JACKASS 3.5 and turn it into JACKASS 4.

Whatever the case, expect to see more JACKASS as the third film has already more than doubled its budget.

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Source: Variety



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