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After.Life stills


Liam Neeson is one busy dude these days post-TAKEN, as it was just announced he’s taking the lead in UNKNOWN WHITE MALE, and he’s signed on for CLASH OF THE TITANS, THE A-TEAM and a TAKEN sequel. But the next time you’ll see him in theaters will likely be in AFTER.LIFE, where he plays a mortician who holds Christina Ricci’s life in his hands.

These shots from Bloody Disgusting are the very first look at the project, which in addition to Ricci and Neeson stars Alfred Molina, Justin Long Josh Charles and Chandler Canterbury. “Creepy” and “Liam Neeson” don’t usually go together, as he’s generally more the warm, fatherly type, but if these shots are any indication, you’re probably going to see him do some pretty messed up stuff in AFTER.LIFE.

Click the pics to head over to Bloody Disgusting for the full monty.

Extra Tidbit: What’s up with the period in AFTER.LIFE?



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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